Time for young people in Ipswich to Aim Higher

The Network for East Anglian Collaborotive Outreach  (NEACO) aims to help young people from East Anglia with little or no experience of university to explore the world of higher education.

 In Ipswich organisations Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality  (ISCRE) , Realise Futures and Ipswich Community Media  (ICM) are working with NEACO to look at what perceived barriers are stopping young people and what help and support parents and families would need.
They are holding events in the coming months including this “Sharing Event” from ISCRE looking to research so they can provide Schools, colleges and universities with a guide to make Higher Education more accessible especially for families from underrepresented communities
Also Realise Futures have a seminar coming up looking to raise aspirations amoung young people to aim further in work and life
My son who was raised in North West Ipswich, he is in his last year at university and he has loved the experience, he’s floushed and grown not just academically but also socially and as a person.
So as a parent I would recommend the experience but it’s also important to know that university isn’t the only way and it’s important that our young people find a path to success and raising aspirations and showing young people what’s available part of the process
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New Mayor of Ipswich

Mayor of Ipswich Jane Riley

The new Mayor of Ipswich is Borough Councillor and lawyer Jane Riley.

Councillor Riley began her year of office at the Annual Council meeting in the Corn Exchange last night (Wednesday).

She told the meeting: “Being asked to be Mayor has made me feel very proud and humble. I love this town and I will do my best to represent all of the people of Ipswich.”

The new Mayor is “Ipswich born and bred” and went to Northgate Grammar School for Girls. Both her parents were teachers at Morland Road Primary School.

After attending Hull University and the College of Law in Chester she returned to Ipswich to work at Kerseys Solicitors, qualifying as a solicitor in 1988. She has been an Ipswich Borough Councillor for four years and is a founding trustee of Ipswich Film Theatre Trust, which was established in 2009 to run the two-screen cinema in the Corn Exchange.

The Mayor said: “I shall be very proud to have my husband, Adam, as my Consort. I met Adam at university. We have three children, now grown up and living In London, Sheffield and Bristol.

“My chosen charity during my year in office is the newly founded Suffolk Law Centre and the theme of my Mayoral Year is ‘Making A Difference’.”

Outgoing Mayor Sarah Barber, who now serves as Deputy Mayor, thanked the people of Ipswich for supporting her during an “amazing year”.

“I have had some incredibly varied experiences and Luke, my husband and Consort, have particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to invite different groups to the Mayor’s Parlour.

“Last year, during my acceptance speech, I spoke about the example that my father’s military service gave me for the importance and traditions of civic service. During my year as Mayor I have had a different example of civic service given to me by the people of Ipswich, in the many voluntary organisations that work hard to make the lives of their neighbours better and improve their communities.”

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Jubilee Park Roadshow

Here is a short film on Jubilee Roadshow last month held down at Jubilee Park! by Ipswich Community Media


The Funday was held to bring the community together and break down negative perceptions

“The aim of the day is to unite communities, bring awareness of organisations and support groups, promote cohesion and community networks and provide a more positive overview of this diverse neighbourhood. It is also a great way to connect directly with the communities and consult on project ideas and local plans.

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Meet Up Mondays

Network of pubs/cafes tackling loneliness Asking folk on their own in for free cuppa & chat

Upcoming local meetings

THE SMOCK, Ipswich – from 14th May 2018

2pm – 4pm

69 Maidenhall Approach, Ipswich


01473 805008

Other Suffolk Locations listed in link

via List of Meet Ups

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Suicide is not Painless and the pain runs deep for those left behind

The theme from M*A*S*H a satirical black comedy war film and later TV show from the 70s states that “Suicide is Painless ” but while the lyrics written by a 14 year old child (the son of the director) in a mere five minutes in the real world the pain runs deep for those left behind.

Every week in the UK 84 men take their own lives, these lives are someones son, brother, father or friend and the loss will have a ripple effect and touch so many lives. But this loss is preventable and work is being done to highlight this.
The issue of male suicide has been brought to the forefront with the recent ‘Coronation Street’ storyline and the character Aidan Connor taking his own life .
The writers worked with CALM and Samaritans to ensure that the storyline was handled with sensitivity and I must say was well performed by Shayne Ward who played Aidan Connor
What stood out for me was the mask, the facade, while Aidan was in a room full of people he was merely pretending life was ok. And that’s what we do we bottle so much inside, we stack our feelings on top of each other like an emotional jenga untill it all falls down.
People talk about the selfishness of suicide but when your caught up in that mindset you don’t see it, you become blinkered and convince yourself the World is better without you but that is far from the truth.
I mentioned the ripple effect earlier and as we go though life we make so many contacts and connections with people. If you are living in misery there is help, speak to family or loved ones or if you feel you can’t speak to an organisation like CALM or Samaritans, they won’t judge you and believe me talking helps
I hope the exposure that this storyline brings will highlight an important issue, with suicide being the biggest killer of men under 45 hopefully those who need help will find support
Useful websites and helplines

• MIND  open Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on 0300 123 3393
• Samaritans offers a listening service         which is open 24 hours a day on
   116 123
• CALM open 5pm- Midnight 365 days a     year 0800 58 58 58
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‘Education in Suffolk needs action, not grandstanding’

Suffolk Labour Group

This morning, a number of you will have woken up to the front page of the East Anglian Daily Times with Councillor Gordon Jones, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Education, pledging to “fight for the county’s children”.

In my view, promising to “fight for the county’s children” should be the basic requirement for the Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Education and, therefore, it is curious that this should make front page news but we’ll leave that aside for now.

Nevertheless, the timing of this pledge is important for two reasons.

Firstly, Ipswich, a town which has been hit hardest by school funding cuts in Suffolk, goes to the polls tomorrow for local elections. It is no coincidence that the Conservatives should seek a timely election boost, even though they’ve known about the latest funding formula for months now.

Secondly, by the end of this month the Tories at…

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Ipswich MayDay Festival

Image may contain: text and outdoor

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