Education In Suffolk

As both a councillor and a parent it was not encouraging to see that schools in Suffolk and Suffolk as a Local education Authority had fallen down the national league table to 142nd out of 152 LEAs

I would imagine the headlines made stark reading for teachers who are working to develop our children and give them the best opportunity for a future while battling plunging moral.

The subject have been covered in the local press and commented on by Councillor David Ellesmere and by blogs from My fellow Labour Councillor Alasdair Ross and also posts on Ipswich Spy.My fellow Stoke park Councillor Tory Nadia Cenci has also tweeted on the subject “If only schools could be improved just by it’s council! Heads, teachers, parents, pupils all share responsibility for any results”

I hope that this can be turned around and that something positive can come from this,I note that we have already been visited by Sir Michael Wilshaw at the invitation of Tory MP Ben Gummer.

But while we are trying to move forward and do the best for our children as I was watching the response from SCC one thing stood out. As Councillor Graham Newman the SCC cabinet member for education and young people stood being interviewed he seemed to be blaming everyone and everything else and a lack of willing for SCC to take any responsibility for what has been happening.

Councillor Newman used an example of when a school tried to arrange a meeting to discuss some issues out of a potential 106 parents only 6 turned up.Councillor Newman explained how this was an example of the lack of engagement from parents.

But I just do not see this,My 16 year old son is undertaking his GCSE`s at the moment.His high school has had briefing sessions on what to expect and what is expected from us as parents and how we can help our children create the best study environment for our children.Each time I`ve attented these sessions they have been to a packed school hall full of parents concerned for their childrens future and wanting to engage with the school and staff.

So in closing yes we all need to work together to ensure that we find the best way forward for our children,Yes the blame is not with one factor or agency but were there are failings we need to stand up and face them so that improvements can be made and we can move forward and to me it seems SCC are not facing up to their part in the failings


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Former Mayor of Ipswich Suffolk, Labour Cllr for Whitehouse, all opinions my own and do not reflect organisations I represent, Si-fi geek and Raiders fan
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