Equal Marriage

Tomorrow (05/02/2013) Will see MPs vote on whether to allow gay couples to get married in religious ceremonies in England and Wales. I understand that as a free country people are free to hold their own views and opinions but in my opinion I have not heard one sensible or valid argument as to why we should not allow Equal Marriage.

I just cant see why if two people love each other and a vicar is happy to marry them what the problem is. How if you are a heterosexual married couple how in any way does a loving gay couple getting married have any detrimental effect on your lives at all.

One of the arguments we hear is that in some way a homosexual marriage would be a lesser union as it does not involve procreation. Thus, they are not— and cannot be—marriages, properly speaking. Yet heterosexual marriages between people who are infertile, or do not wish to have children are deemed ok and are no less of a union.

There are some who use their faith as their reasoning for their opposition to equal Marriage. I respect peoples right to their own beliefs but they are just that their beliefs, Religious doctrine is very open to interpretation and some people (not all) happily cherry pick the parts that suit  their agenda.

An example of this is some christian groups (I use christian groups as I`m reminded we are apparently a christian country, for the record I`m an atheist) even up untill a few decades ago these churches across the USA and Europe used the “Mark of Cain” or “Curse of Ham” as a reason to oppress and to justify some kind of perceived superiority over black people. The majority of people now look at this as ridiculous but people believed this because it was their interpretation of what the Bible said to them.

Now I`m not someone who feels that everyone opposed to equal marriage is a “bigot” or “homophobic” and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, But I do think in my opinion anyone who opposes equal marriage is prehaps misguided and will be on the wrong side of history


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Former Mayor of Ipswich Suffolk, Labour Cllr for Whitehouse, all opinions my own and do not reflect organisations I represent, Si-fi geek and Raiders fan
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4 Responses to Equal Marriage

  1. I so agree with you. ‘Family’ comes in all shapes and sizes and people are far too judgemental at times. So keep voicing your opinion of tolerance and hopefully you will change a few minds.

  2. Ken says:

    Glen, I’m one of the religious bigots you talk about but I just want to say that the definition in law and in English language that is used pretty much all over the world is the definition taken from the Bible where it is said that a man will leave his parents and join with a woman in marriage. There isn’t anywhere in the Bible where it says a man will join with a man or a woman will join with a woman. I have absolutely nothing against anyone in a “gay relationship” Okay they are committing sin but so do I every single day of the year, year in and year out. Jesus hates my sin but loves me and I believe that if you are in a gay relationship he will also hate your sin BUT he still loves you! I’m sorry if that sounds like a sermon because it isn’t supposed to. I just wanted to explain my objection to same sex marriage and that is I object becaue it is in direct contravention of what it says in the Bible. Love and peace. Kenny

    • glenchisholm says:

      Thanks for reading Ken, I`m pretty sure I was clear that I dont agree with calling everyone who disagrees with me a bigot,Also thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts its good to hear the thoughts of others and while we disagree I still wish you all the best

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