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Update – 30/05/2013

See the Check It Tuesday page for up-to-date info.


With recent media attention on the domestic appliances that have been the cause of some devastating house fires, Suffolk Trading Standards are starting a campaign via social media to raise awareness of recalled products.

Every Tuesday for the next four weeks, we will be calling on our followers to “Check It“, requesting them to not only check the appliances in their own home, and the food in their cupboards, but those of their friends, family and neighbours.

check it tuesday

The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) says one person is killed every seven days by an electrical accident and 350,000 people are injured annually, partly because of a “shockingly low” response to product alerts.

The charity found the average success rate of a product recall is just 10%-20%.

With around 400 products recalled each year and manufacturers making hundreds of…

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