The Number 16 Bus Service

I have received a number of query’s as to the future of the No 16 bus service after rumors of its demise started to circulate.

I want to explain that the No 16 is not going to be axed and I will try to explain what is going on in greater detail.

Labour are not axing the No 16 bus service, Ipswich Buses are De-registering the service which is not the same and does not mean the service will cease.

As Ipswich Buses no longer intend to run the service on a commercial basis there is a legal process they have to follow. They have to notify VOSA (Dept for Transport) of their intention to cease running these COMMERCIALLY.

Ipswich Borough Council are able to enter into a agreement with Ipswich Buses to continue to run these services with financial support if required.

Ipswich Borough Council has a budget which purpose is to support local bus services.

I understand this rumor has caused great distress to some of my residents and this distress was fanned by a factually inaccurate tory leaflet that was circulating at the weekend,

I want to assure you all the No 16 will continue to run


About glenchisholm

Former Mayor of Ipswich Suffolk, Labour Cllr for Whitehouse, all opinions my own and do not reflect organisations I represent, Si-fi geek and Raiders fan
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4 Responses to The Number 16 Bus Service

  1. But Glen, you do not say whether this will be a private company or def Ipswich Buses. Rumours are, from your group, that you are trying to get a private company but this is not good enough. Also if it is not financially viable for Ipswich buses, How will it be for a private company? How often will it run? I want to make sure that the alternative is as good as now. Why, if there’s nothing to worry about have not all the staff at Ipswich buses told people this when they’ve asked. Do you not have a communication policy so that anyone enquiring will hear the same thing? It is the drivers and staff that told the residents, not me. And they did not add what any plans are. Residents came to me and I am making sure that those in my area are treated the same as your labour voting areas.
    Why was I not informed? Why am I still not being told what the plans are? You say Ipswich buses, Cllr Smart has been saying private company. It is all vague and unacceptable. The petition will ensure strength of feeling is known to help focus the mind. I am the only person in this area that can hold your group to account.

    • glenchisholm says:

      Nadia your leaflet states that the bus route is being axed by Labour, this is simply not true and not what di-registration means. The service will continue. Cllr Smart spoke at the SPRA meeting about the potential changes and my understanding is that a piece in the Ipswich Star was going to update people as well as other methods to get the information across. The bottom line is the service will continue to run I have received guarantees of that. Last I checked when I was elected as a councilor it was to serve the whole of stoke park and I have received case work from people from all quarters of the ward. I’m happy to represent anyone who ask’s for my assistance and don’t ask their voting history or if they have ever voted. So I take exception to the comment that somehow people in “non-labour” voting areas would somehow be treated different

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