Basketball in Ipswich and Ipswich Basketball Academy

Those who know me will be aware that I have a past in American sports, I played American Football for over 10 years and while at college I also played Basketball even earning an EBBA coaching qualification. Although Basketball was invented in the USA it has a long history in this country being introduced in YMCA’s in 1892. it has yet to reach the popularity of traditional English sports like football,cricket and Rugby but is still hugely popular with most Schools having basketball nets as do many parks and recreation grounds across the country.

We in Ipswich are fortunate to have our own Basketball Academy located at Copleston High School.Copleston High School established it’s Basketball Academy in 2008, giving the opportunity for talented basketball players to work every day with a high quality coach in an elite development environment.The mission of the Academy is to provide a situation similar to that found on mainland Europe and in the United States where basketball is scheduled throughout the day around an athlete’s education as well as before and after school.
Their vision is to aid the development from good junior level players to players that can have a successful career at the senior level, either here in the UK alongside their chosen career or preparing players for professional basketball careers.
In 2010, Ipswich Basketball Academy and Copleston High School was announced as a provider of the AASE (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence programme. Now in 2012 Copleston has the second largest number of students enrolled on the programme in the UK demonstrating it as a centre that contains the environment and practices needed to nurture future international and professional basketball players.
IBA is committed to providing a high performance program. The school has three basketball coaches and additional dedicated support staff in areas of strength and conditioning and physiotherapy.

As a testament to the success of the program three players been recruited by American College teams on full athletic scholarships. And their success is really helping cement ipswich’s reputation as the place to be for Basketball in this country

.Ipswich Basketball Club is looking to local businesses and supporters to help in signing top level players for the 2013/2014 season.
The status of Ipswich Basketball Club and the standing of their senior team within the National League means that they attract players from all over the region. To sustain interest from top level players they have launched the ‘Ipswich Basketball Club individual Player Sponsorship Scheme’.
The scheme will enable local businesses and supporters of Ipswich Basketball Club to play a very real part in the success of the region’s premier basketball club.
The club is looking for people to support individual players by sponsoring them to play. Investors can cover a player for the entire season for £600, or make a contribution towards a player.
Running a team at the level at which Ipswich competes requires commitment for the players both physically and financially. By supporting individual players in this way you can help ease their financial commitment enabling them to concentrate on their game.
In return for knowing that they are a fundamental part of the team sponsors will also receive an advert in the match day programme and on the club’s official website.
The club has excellent links with the local press with regular features in the East Anglian Daily Times, the Ipswich Star and appearances on both BBC Radio Suffolk and Town 102FM, where players are often featured in interviews, match reports and photographs.
Ipswich Basketball Club currently has four players that have played at professional level at some stage in their career as well as a number of other players that have played at the junior international level. They can boast one player that has represented England and Great Britain at Senior Level, who has recently retired from a professional playing career in France.
The club play their home games at the Copleston Centre in Ipswich in front of a packed sports hall with all the atmosphere you would expect from sport at this level.
The club is lucky to have the services of a head coach who is already employed as a full time professional through the club’s academy. He is in a position to attract top players to the team, demonstrated by the teams success over the past two years – promotion from English Basketball League division 4 to division 2 in just two seasons.
Ipswich Basketball Club has a clearly defined long term strategy, the success of which is dependant on them being able to attract and retain players of ability. Providing financial support to these players is essential for them to achieve their objectives and you could play your part by sponsoring a player.
For more information on the ‘Ipswich Basketball Club Individual Player Sponsorship Scheme’ and to find out how you can sponsor a player please contact head coach Nick Drane on 07879 841 749 or


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  1. We really appreciate your support and hope you will join us at the GB international at Copleston on July 2nd. Look out for an invitation. Many thanks Kathryn James, Ipswich Basketball Club Chair.

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