Ipswich Buses Service 16 Update

Over the past few weeks one of the main subjects in my inbox and one of the main issues that residents have contacted me about is the No 16 bus route. This has been the subject of various local Blog post,questions at full council and various leaflets.

Now just to start I want to confirm that the service 16 will continue and will do so with both its current frequency and on its present route. This is what we have been saying from the start. When I was at the Stoke Park Residents Association meeting my colleague and the Transport portfolio holder Cllr Smart explained that this would be the end goal but the process of de-registration had to be followed.

Now that the dust is starting to settle I think we can reflect on the past few weeks. There has been a lot of he said she said accusations flying around and at times the debate has in my opinion became unseemly. My opposite number in Stoke Park Tory Councilor Cenci has been very vocal on subject and I understand her passion to try and help her residents. I’m also sure that it was not her intention to cause unnecessary distress but that is what happened. in a rush to try and score political points a leaflet was put out accusing us of axing the service this was not the case and we had repeatedly said that the service would be safe. As the process of de-registration went on rumors circulated as to what would be happening it was frustrating that as a legal process was ongoing we were limited as to what we could say but we were reassured along the way that the service would be safe.

So what saved the No 16 well nothing it was always safe, it was not a petition (which has not been handed in as yet) or any amount of leaflets. What ensured that the service could continue was financial support that was set aside for precisely that purpose.

What can we learn from this ? I have spent the last few weeks speaking to residents about the bus saga and a large number are disappointed with how it was turned into a political football,I’m sure that as more facts become apparent that perhaps Cllr Cenci would with hindsight of liked to have approached this differently. I myself would of liked communication to have been better with continuity of message from everyone involved as it became apparent that some Bus drivers were not aware of what was going on.

I’ve been receiving congratulation E-mails and well done messages from residents in the street saying well done for saving the No 16 and I’m having to modestly tell them I myself did not save them but am part of an administration that put measures in place to support the service so it can still serve the residents that need it.


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Former Mayor of Ipswich Suffolk, Labour Cllr for Whitehouse, all opinions my own and do not reflect organisations I represent, Si-fi geek and Raiders fan
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8 Responses to Ipswich Buses Service 16 Update

  1. I am going to forgive you for this post Glen because you are a servant of the master misrepresenter. I acted totally on behalf of my residents and no, you are wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing. I dropped everything to help them out. The petition became big news, both with your group, Ioswich Buses and the radio. IB changed it’s mind and it helped your labour group focus more in route 16 than anything else you were doing. Success all round I’d say. You have made this political, and the letters were nasty unlike mine that focused on the situation. Your leader tries to score points at every opportunity and my voters are not impressed, nor should they be. The residents know the truth and my voters remain intelligent enough to know who played the first political ball. and as for councillor Smart saying in full council, that I might not be around next year when I asked to be kept up to date, that’s pretty below the belt. Let’s continue to work together and draw a line under this.

    • glenchisholm says:

      I find it strange that you say your leaflets weren’t political when the headline was “Ipswich Labour Axe No 16 bus service” which simply was not the case. Of course we see things ideology differently and we are very different people who have a different approach to how we deal with things and how we react. But what we do have in common is that we want the best for our residents and we both work hard for them but in different ways. For me I took a personal interest in what was going on with the No 16 my late mother-in-law relied on that service to get into town it was her lifeline to her almost daily trips to M&S it was her chance to chat to some familiar faces and a way of socializing with the outside world. Until recently my elderly father in law used the service as well when his eyesight got to bad and he could not drive. But sadly the effects of alzheimer’s has taken that freedom away. So I know what this service means to people and if I thought it was under threat and if thought it was being axed hell I’d of signed your petition myself, but I was reassured that it was safe the process was explained to me and I was checking and questioning as it went along. I maybe confided naive but I was confidant that with the information I was provided that the service would be safe

  2. Kevin Algar says:

    Keep your lies consistent Glen.

    • glenchisholm says:

      At no point have I lied Kevin

    • glenchisholm says:

      Please note that Kevin belives in conspiracy’s and secret meetings that never happened and that we have some kind of “special printer” and once compared me to a persian cat so not sure how much of a contribution he can bring to any debate

      • Kevin Algar says:

        Launching a smear campaign now are you Glen?

      • glenchisholm says:

        Once again Kevin you display why there is no point engaging with you, it was you who said we had secret meetings when we did not it was you who said we had a special printer and it was you who compared me for some strange reason to a persian cat. So I bring these up to demonstrate how little you contribute to any debate and you prove me right by accusing me of running a smear campaign. Please come back when you are ready to engage in sensible debate and do not attempt to drag me down to your level

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